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How live-selling works

Focus on sourcing interesting products, growing your audience and connecting with your buyers, we'll do the rest!

Live-selling couldn’t get any easier than this

Quick create products effortlessly

  • Create unlimited products on the go via mobile app or bulk import inventory
  • Get smart suggestions for product variations and auto-assign keywords to products

Stay on top of your inventory

  • Track inventory levels for reserved and sold stock count
  • Gain insights into your top-selling items and variants

Organise your products

  • Categorise products in groups for easy filtering
  • Highlight and sell products even when you’re not hosting lives with the Catalogue microsite
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Communicate with buyers

  • Alert followers when you’re going live and boost live sale viewership
  • Respond to comments and messages without switching screen during streams
  • Pin product keywords and details with a single click
  • View sales performance in real-time

Drive customer spending with Gamified events

  • Schedule promotions for limited time campaigns or seasonal discounts and set usage limits to keep within budget
  • Offer bundle deals to push sales for certain products or categories
  • Build excitement with mini-games such as Lucky Draw for viewers that interact with the post

Reward buyers and Foster Loyalty

  • Keep customers coming back by creating flexible membership programs
  • Reward returning customers with discounts or store credits
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Deliver automated messenger notifications

  • Send buyers who comment keywords message with Cart Links and redirect them to checkout
  • Broadcast Cart Expiry and Payment Reminder after live events to reduce cart abandonment
  • Send Order Confirmations to inform buyers their order is being fulfilled, and keep them updated with Delivery Alerts
  • Customise buyer notification message templates to stay on brand

Verify payments in a Snap

  • Choose how you are paid - we support multiple payment methods, setting checkout conditions and additional fees
  • Instantly verify payments via our PayUp Gateway, and receive automated payouts without lifting a finger
  • Receive and manually verify payment proof
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Flexible Checkout

  • Manually create or edit shopping carts and send Cart Links direct to buyers
  • Lock shopping carts to prevent buyers from editing their shopping carts

Generate Reports

  • Auto-generate sales reports, fulfilment reports, receipts and packing lists
  • Identify patterns and gain valuable insights on performance and buying behaviour through detailed reports and analytics

Customise Fulfilment settings

  • Split orders into multiple shipments and charge automatically for different Delivery Groups
  • Combine multiple orders for a buyer into a single shipment for cost-efficiency (COMING SOON)

Control Dashboard sub-admin access

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Frequently asked questions

What countries is Upmesh available in?
Anyone can use Upmesh from anywhere in the world! However, Language support is available in English, Mandarin and Vietnamese. Payment gateway support is available in Singapore and Malaysia
Is there any device requirement for Upmesh?
We recommend using a laptop for a wider screen size; besides this, there are no minimum device requirements because Upmesh sits on the internet.
Can I connect a personal profile to Upmesh?
No, only pages are allowed according to Meta's policy
Can I connect multiple pages to one Dashboard?
Yes, you may add as many Facebook pages as you want if the inventory use is shared and you are fine with having the same company title and logo on the invoices.
What payment methods are available?
Upmesh supports a range of payment options, including credit cards and e-wallets via Stripe and the ability to accept payments manually. You can customise how you wish to be paid
Does Upmesh have access to my Facebook and Instagram data?
Upmesh requests for a very limited set of permissions to operate on behalf of the Page Owner, mostly related to collecting and processing comments, and some limited access to the Facebook Messenger system. We cannot log in and make changes to your account on your behalf and do not have access to your passwords, personal data, or anything we do not need to operate Upmesh. You can also opt-out of allowing Upmesh access to your account anytime via Facebook
Our system does not have control over your Facebook page and stream. We only connect to your page via Facebook's API to read comments and return the corresponding responses to help you with your admin work.
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